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Top Things To Know When Visiting A Marijuana Dispensary For Your First Time

It is something very intimidating to visit a weed dispensary for your first time. These are new businesses but they are now becoming popular almost everywhere. It may be that you have never had a chance to use weed before and you are wondering where to start. You are likely going to find yourself in a marijuana dispensary sooner or later whether you got your first marijuana card or if you live in a state where recreational cannabis has been legalized. This is something that should not make you nervous. You will learn about every product in the dispensary from the budtenders. What they will be after will be to win you as a return customer so that will do everything possible to make you happy. Outlined below are some of the key things that you need to know before your first visit to the weed dispensary.

You will need to carry with you an identification card at the weed dispensary. Before you get walked around to see different products, you must show your id first. You should remember to go with a photo identification card or else you be turned away. Some weed dispensaries cut the prices to the people who ever served as militants. The proof of this is by a show of an id. You need to carry your card as well if you are in a medical state. There is no tax to the people who produce their medical cards at the dispensaries that are licensed to sell both medical and recreational products since there is no tax charged.

You need also to make sure you familiarize yourself with the cannabis products on your first visit to the weed dispensary.
You will need also to know the difference between THC and CBD on your first visit to the weed dispensary. Just to brief you a bit, THC is the substance in the cannabis Sativa that can get you high while on the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive. CBD is in most cases used for medical purposes and it is amazing how it is becoming more and more popular with time.

You will need to know much about Sativa and indica strains if you select THC. There are numerous strains of marijuana that you will need to try as many as possible. If you are wondering how to decide between them, read on to know their differences. You will get high after you use Sativa but you will have more energy but with indica strains, you get more soothing highs so if you are just feeling to stay at home relaxed, make sure you use indica strains.