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An Ultimate Guide to Growing and Storing Garlic

There are times when you develop the desire to enter into the growing of certain herbs or spices for your domestic consumption. You might at the same time, decide to do that on a large scale for the purpose of generating some income. When looking forward to growing garlic, it will be a suitable thing to look for the different variables which to remain constantly available. After growing such herbs, it will be for you to learn how best to store garlic as this will play a significant role. Proper storage will give you all the time you need to search for the market without anything happening to the garlic. You might not be sure of the tactics to incorporate in your garlic growing and storage mission.

This article will sharpen your tips on the aspects which carry much weight when it comes to finding the best tips for growing and storing garlic. First and foremost, know the right season to plant garlic, as this means a lot. While in Northeastern American and Canada, do the planting during the fall. In Spain, it will be necessary to do so during spring. The African continent can allow you to do the planting at any time provided you will never forget to give the seeds the critical cooling period. Researchers recommend that the best thing to do is planting during a dry day. The moisture might not auger well with the seeds whereby they can decompose before they shoot. It will be for you to know the right depth for the seedling as digging a bottomless planting hole will not be that suitable for the shooting process. This is because the shoot might not rot before even reaching above the soil.

Secondly, the other thing which matters is the texture of the soil. In relation to this, it will be for you to ensure that the soil will not be too soft but rather make the land tended at a medium size. If you want to have large and healthy bulbs, it will be for you to consider the nature of the soil of your land on which you are growing the garlic. It will suit you right to ensure that you prepare your soil by turning it with composed material, as this will help a lot. There is a need to purchase seeds from the dealership, which is iconic as it will assure you of getting the right product.

Lastly, the other thing which is elemental is knowing the best way to store the garlic. For the first time, it will be suitable to ensure that you harvest only the fully-grown garlic. All you need to look at is the size of the bulb, as it will tell you a lot. Mature garlic will most of the time, have well-balanced succulence, which makes them last longer when in storage. There is a need to cut the leaves accordingly, as this will help in the lifespan of the garlic bulbs. While doing the storage, keep the garlic from any form of moisture or warmth. In other words, the cool dry place is the best.

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